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About Justin

Justin O’Pinion was born in the small Irish town of Bruff in county Limerick during the twentieth century. Older townsfolk can still recall his first word was “Really?” It’s rumored his second word was “Why”, followed closely by “bollocks.”

While Justin’s childhood was entertaining enough, he had always yearned for the opportunity promised by the United States of America. At the ripe old age of 26 he traveled to this potential utopia and was thrilled with the small taste. He returned to his home country and might have forgotten his dream if it wasn’t for meeting the delectable Mordana Fling. This North American peach won his heart with the never to be forgotten line:

“If you move to North America, I might date you.”

Justin took this to be a clear proposal of marriage and moved to California within a few months. After six months of concerted courting, Mordana Fling was Mordana O’Pinion.

After four years of enjoying all that Silicon Valley had to offer, Justin and Mordana moved to Denver, Colorado to enjoy the annual 300 days of sunshine, skiing and start a family. With the addition of two beautiful (yes, they look like their mother) and intelligent (got that from her too) daughters, Irate and Set, the household is never short of O’Pinions.

This web-site gives Justin a forum to express the opinions and thoughts discussed in his household to a wider forum – we hope you enjoy them or at least get some “food for thought”. Justin’s first book “100 Questions for God” will be published in 2011, soon to be followed by “100 Politically Incorrect Questions for Government.”


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