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Whether you’re visiting this web-site for the first time or simply perplexed by certain aspects of the O’Pinions, we thought we’d answer some of the more common questions people seem to have:

Q:     Why does Justin wear a kilt?

A: While many people to think only Scots wear kilts, you may be surprised to find some Irish people do as well. As you may be aware, Justin is a pseudonym and we were looking for something to differentiate him from all the other opinionated characters out there. That said, our research has been minimal, so don’t be surprised to find he’s wearing a Scottish tartan and deeply offending someone because of it (in contrast to some other reason). If  you are really distressed about this, you should consider Justin’s well-known and thoroughly documented direct lineage from Robert the Bruce.

Q:     Why hide behind a pseudonym?

A: Justin was created to provide an unbiased starting point. This doesn’t imply his opinions are impartial, merely that the focus should be on the debate rather trying to project beliefs or biases on the opinionated. Justin doesn’t have a factual history,  previous actions or mistakes – he is answerable only to the demands of intelligent argument and the imperatives of any underlying truths.

While every question will start with an opinion, our goal is to use feedback, fact gathering and intelligent discussion to shape it into an educated and thoughtful opinion. As we gather momentum we’ll launch as a location for the revised, factually supported opinions.

Q:     What’s a Quwiki or a SOpiki?

A: A quwiki (pronounced qwiki) is a question posed for others to offer their opinion and any other facts to build a larger picture. The process will be slightly different to other wiki pursuits – Justin will offer his question and reflect on any comments, intelligent criticisms or facts provided and revise his opinion (as with all good marriages, this process will be directed, managed and implemented by Mordana, his wife). At some stage after the question is published, Mordana will publish a Supported Opinion or SOpiki – with greater detail and factual support where possible. This process is consistent with our belief that anything Justin says is merely opinion and supports our commitment to trying to get to intelligent and thoughtful perspectives on important issues.



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