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Question 6: Does God really give a damn?

March 19, 2013

It’s hard to write about this question as the answer seems self-evident – if God doesn’t care, why should we? It is possible there’s an intelligent, indestructible being in the universe who doesn’t care about me, or humankind, or anything of any great merit. It’s also possible, depending on your definition of “integrity,” that such a being could have integrity and still be stunningly ambivalent.

If God doesn’t care whether we:

a)     Live or die
b)    Act with integrity
c)     Utilize our talents
d)    Are happy or sad

why would we choose to interact with it?

Interestingly, there’s a case for this God.

Firstly, God could offer something valuable above and beyond love or affection – a sounding board, information, guidance, access to heaven, answers to prayers, referential power,…anything we might value enough to recognize or assume it exists. Delivering on any of these items doesn’t demand God cares. In addition, if God is indifferent, it makes it a whole lot easier to explain the random acts of destruction thrown at various spots around our planet on a regular basis.

While this God could be slow to interact with the universe, integrity means more than simply living within logical structures – it implies a commitment to honesty, justice and the full utilization of the skills we’re honored with.

So, God’s inherent integrity may be the saving grace. If we view the universe from a physical perspective, what difference does it make if atoms are arranged in the form of living beings or simply in vast clouds of various lifeless compounds? If God is concerned about the “progress” of the universe, the only two factors able to genuinely change are the nature of life and the nature of consciousness.

If God is intelligent, indestructible and has integrity, but has failed to develop any emotional attachment to the betterment of the universe[1], it’s hard to argue for any relevance to our lives. Yes, God might still be the source of some vaguely amusing “conversations” but if God doesn’t care, it sure puts a dampener on the relationship.

With or without God, the universe is a fascinating and profound structure. Its physical existence is a magnificent monument to the tenaciousness of matter. Life is a spectacular opportunity whether it is unique or common. However cool consciousness might be, it also could turn out to be mundane. We don’t know what we don’t know, but the earnest pursuit of a “higher consciousness” appears to be the activity offering the surest path to God.


The question of whether God cares has multiple dimensions:

a)     Does God value life?
b)    Does God value intellect?
c)     Does God value spirituality?
d)    Does God value values?

There’s a long list to explore later in this tome. However, for my God, there can only be one conclusion – God cares about humanity and me, probably in that order. As to values, I’m certain God has some, I’m just not sure they’re the ones we expect.

[1] We can ask about humanity later

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