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100 Qs for God: Is God in hiding?

January 29, 2013

This is Question 53 from the “100 Questions for (my) God” series.

Sightings of God still remain relatively rare, even when compared to Elvis or Michael Jackson. With this as our backdrop, the obvious question has to be “Why?”  Among the more popular propositions are:

a)     God doesn’t exist.
b)    God showing herself would overwhelm a mere mortal and therefore
shouldn’t be tried at home.
c)     It would remove the need for faith and belief.
d)    God can’t show herself in a form we can comprehend.

For the creationists who argue for a world less than 10,000 years old, this creates another dilemma – what on Earth[1] are all of these fossils doing here? Scientists have established, through thoroughly reviewed analysis and logic, fossils suggesting our planet is billions of years old. There are really only two explanations for this:

1)     The fossils are the historic relics the scientists suggest and offer decent evidence
for the proposed timelines and life forms.
2)     God made all of this up to lead us astray.

If the second choice is indeed the answer, God seems overly concerned with anonymity. In addition, just as a God who created the universe for mankind probably did several billion times more work than was necessary, any God who put fossil records in the ground as a diversion has a pretty sick sense of humor.

Admittedly, if we’re all part of a giant experiment, the observer might want us to be unaware of her presence. However, if this is the case, we should probably reconsider our own level of self-importance. We may want to be the most important beings in the universe, but if God’s chosen to hide from us it would tend to suggest:

a)     God, the researcher, may regard us as we regard rats[2].
b)    There may be billions of other intelligent organisms out there competing with us
for God’s attention.
c)     There’s a universe-wide game of hide and seek going on and we’re still stuck in
the proverbial cupboard.

Without sounding dramatic, there’s probably a ton of good reasons for God to hide from us – (e.g. the likelihood of us making up incompatible stories about her and then arguing about it, or making up semi-compatible stories and still arguing about it).

If God’s not hiding from us, the limited sightings could quite comfortably be allocated to the “I don’t live in your realm” syndrome – just as we rarely spot Coelacanth[3] at the local beach, God doesn’t seem to physically hang out in our ‘hood. Similarly, and ignoring the “God doesn’t exist” argument, the other analogy might be, like UV rays, God can everywhere without us seeing any physical evidence.

Expanding on the “like UV” (LUV) theory, if you become aware of the effects of UV rays you can ignore it, and get sunburn, or embrace it and benefit from Vitamin D production. If you ignore God you might burn in hell[4], and if you embrace God you may enjoy the same positive effects others have.

Initial Opinion:

Although God hasn’t been on the news for some time, the likelihood she’s hiding is relatively low. We can seek her out mentally at any time – not seeing her is a function of the form she exists in.

[1] Pun sort of intended

[2] A strong argument for treating rodents with love and affection

[3] A funny looking fish

[4] I don’t believe this, but it fit well with the LUV theory


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