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Justin’s Shorts – Over the fiscal cliff?

December 13, 2012

Events like our government’s current negotiations over the fiscal cliff only reinforce the tediousness of 24 hour news channels when nothing’s happening. How many discussions and opinions can you have about a topic before it becomes pointless?

Given my exasperation with the perpetual reporting of nothing, rumors and supposition, let’s cut to the chase…

  1. There is a “fiscal cliff”
  2. This is of our politician’s own making, an artificial deadline (which means they could “unmake” it if they wanted to)
  3. They probably need this because even knowing it was coming they couldn’t address it due to other priorities (like getting re-elected)
  4. There’s nothing wrong with a good negotiation (both sides are allowed to pretend their positions are immovable)
  5. A short-term solution is only acceptable if you can commit to a long-term one relatively quickly (there’s no evidence our politicians use their extra time wisely)
  6. Both sides have some valid points (and some dodgy ones)
  7. I was able to work out a solution that was palatable to me in 20 minutes at
  8. I would have saved a few extra billion using options the simulator didn’t offer (in fact I could have delivered world peace as well)
  9. We need to balance avoiding future economic collapse against avoiding current economic collapse (paying off debt is harder when you’re earnings are down)
  10. We’re supposed to leave our country in a better state for those who follow us (I recognize this is a controversial position to take)

On this basis, we should probably accept that any solution will not be perfect, everyone needs to negotiate in good faith (we’ll have to assume that will happen because posturing and rumor is all we see on the outside), and at some stage we might just get a vaguely satisfactory solution. In the meantime, I’m going to avoid worrying about it and get back to work.

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