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Justin’s Shorts – The joy of rumor

September 29, 2011

In Justin’s Short’s, I take a quick look at an issue or article that caught my opinionated eye. Today, I’m drawn to an article published through on The Street. While The Street is not the only source of this rumor (perhaps volume speaks louder than words?) the basic summary of this and all similar articles is as follows:

  1. Demi and Ashton have started a cryptic game of quotations
  2. Ashton and Demi weren’t together for their sixth anniversary
  3. Therefore Demi and Ashton are done

Other “sources” also suggest:

  • Ashton is a serial cheater
  • Sara Leal is blackmailing him (if we all know about it she’s doing a pretty crappy job of it)
  • They’ve been having trouble for some time

It is possible all of this is true, some of it is true and/or none of it is true. Which begs the question “Why don’t we just wait for Ashton and Demi to tell us in their own sweet time?” As the status of their marriage is unlikely to have any great impact on us, why not let them play it out without the interference of unsubstantiated (note any sources in the article?) rumor. You’re probably aware Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have married, broken up, adopted numerous additional children more times than the Boston Red Sox have collapsed in September – it’s time to start reporting news not rumor.

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