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100 Qs 4 Life

If we’ve covered God, relationships (which might even include sex), government and the future, we’re really only left with a choice between rock and roll or life. While you’ve probably already noticed a propensity to wander into uncharted (no musical pun intended) territory, contemplating popular music with my unparalleled lack of knowledge would be a stretch even for me. On this basis, the final leg of our starting quinumvirate (yes, I suspect this is not a word) will be deep contemplations of life.

What these musings will actually look like is a little hard to tell at this stage – while I know I’d enjoy exploring questions like:

“How much value is there in giving other drivers the bird?”

it may expand to broader questions like:

“How come money managers get paid to lose money for me – couldn’t I do this myself?”

Who knows?

Either way, you’ll be seeing a question about life once a week and I’d be thrilled if you offer your thoughts and contemplations on whatever topic rises to the surface.

With 100 Questions for God finished and 100 Questions for Government in process, this topic will appear once a week on the site and probably pop up as a book some time in 2013. As always, your comments and own insights are always welcome.


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