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100 Qs 4 God

My first foray into the opinion business will be published in September, 2011. The daily blogs on this topic will be excerpts from the book. Just so you know where I’m coming from, here’s the introduction from the soon to be bestseller!  🙂


The concept of God permeating our modern society is driven by thousands of years of history and indoctrination. Based on a quick straw poll, God is supposedly:

  1. Male
  2. A singular sensation (i.e. there’s no second in command)
  3. Omnipresent
  4. The creator of the universe
  5. Straight
  6. Unimpressed with people who fail to recognize his magnificence
  7. Quite partial to being worshipped

It’s possible all of this is true. It’s possible some or all of it is not.

The goal of this book is not to denounce anyone’s perspective or suggest that I (or anyone) have all of the answers. However, it does aim to provide a semi-reasoned contemplation of what or who God might be, and any values resulting from this.

The original working title of this book was “My God!” as I felt there was an opportunity to present a different take on the God portrayed by the three key monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and arguably reinforced by the Torah, Bible and Koran. That God would require me to reflect on my own personal values, and have:

  • A belief all humans are created equal
  • A commitment to free will
  • Integrity
  • A better personality than a petulant Hollywood starlet
  • Perfection (or a close approximation)
  • Some deep, well considered thoughts about life, the universe and everything
  • A sense of humor

While I will argue all of these attributes are essential for any deity worthy of our respect, this is not about creating a God – it’s a reinterpretation. God has suffered mightily at the hands of humans (and probably men in particular). From the moment someone contemplated or assumed there must be something greater than themselves, individuals have chosen to speak or write on behalf of God. Unfortunately, many of these representations on behalf of the almighty:

  1. Reflect the morals, knowledge and beliefs of their time
  2. Present the reporter as the recorder or interpreter of God’s words (with some very poor note taking)
  3. Make God look like a bit of a bastard

Huge amounts of good and bad are performed in the name of God. On numerous occasions, God has been modified to serve the goals of individuals or groups without much thought for what God would really look like or want. Amazingly, some beliefs have not updated their view of God over time. It’s important to recognize a changing perspective on God reflects a change in OUR understanding of God, not necessarily a change in God.

While I do wish to defend God, and present the All Powerful in a better light, I can comfortably admit the content of this book:

  • Is not based on an authorized interview.
  • Has not been checked for accuracy by the Omnipotent One.
  • Was not carried to me by angels or delivered to me in a vision.

It may be appropriate to consider this God’s unauthorized biography, written to set the record straight, by an associate (or hanger-on) who feels there’s been misrepresentation in the media. I can’t guarantee everything will be 100% accurate, but I’ll do my best and you can judge the results yourself.

Before embarking on this journey with me, you should be aware this book is a mix of logic, common sense, personal opinion and pathetic attempts at humor. If you don’t feel one or any of these should be applied to a discussion of God, you may want to read something else.

Ultimately, this book is about finding my God; it may or may not be about finding yours. If you’re not open to contemplating a God potentially different to your current perceptions, put this book down and accidentally knock it into the nearest trash can.

I hope this book is the beginning of the discussion, not the end. Any reasoned critiques and perspectives are welcomed with open arms – any rants, unreasoned vitriol or sledging should probably be saved for someone who would care. Future editions will include copious references to religious texts and changes due to intelligently presented feedback, debate, corrections and ongoing introspection.


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