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100 Qs 4 Future

Possibly the only area of life more interesting than what we’re doing now, is what we’ll be doing in the future (admittedly, the past is pretty cool too but seems disappointingly factual). With my extraordinary preparedness to have an opinion about stuff I have no idea about, the future seemed like the ultimate opportunity to make stuff up,… I mean provide a considered, thoughtful reflection on what the future might hold.

While it was tempting to present my predictions/opinions in the form of quatrains, with Nostradamus like ambiguity, you’ll be pleased to know I’ll merely try to be as vague as possible – thus allowing myself the opportunity to pretend I had predicted a pivotal moment. Actually, if you’re looking for specific dates and events you may have better luck with the aforementioned or a few other prognosticators – I’ll be contemplating specific questions about the future for:

a) Society
b) Technology
c) Global politics
d) Business
e) Other important stuff

If you’ve ever wondered “What will happen when computers are smarter than us?” or “What will the maximum number of chickens on Earth ultimately be?” you can join me in exploring the possible answers.

With 100 Questions for God finished and 100 Questions for Government in process, this topic will appear once a week on the site and probably pop up as a book some time in 2012. As always, your comments and own insights are always welcome.

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